February 17, 2020

A long time

A very long time between posts this is probably in all these years of blogging have I let something slide so badly.My excuse is obviously social media changes and how easy it is to put something on Instagram  or my Facebook page very very easy and quick and minimal writing which I am not over enthused about doing at the best of time happy to talk about it and share but write something and I become silent.
I wanted to let you know yes I am still creating and still around doing just fine in fact fine enough that hopefully with the vision I have we will be endeavoring to post more frequently than ever before, what does this mean you wonder well stay tuned whilst we finalize  the details. In the past year we have been full steam ahead growing from strength to strength we have had 3 successful markets here in Adelaide getting the website Denise Boddey Designs out there with our name and chipboard. we have on line a selection of mediums to use with our chipboard as well as the most recent introduction of my Card Toppers and soon to be released page toppers.we are adding frequently to the website, because  I am loving the fact I can get an idea and have it designed and manufactured within 24 hours of my concept, love the quick process of cementing my ideas and seeing them come to life. as I have been reminded sometimes I just need to relax a little, its when the ideas stop flowing is my down time, until then we keep on doing what we are passionate about.  
 I wanted to share lots of pictures of some of my creations, created in the last 8 months with many more projects still to come.


 if you like what you see take a visit to our website and check out the products.
we will soon have more detailed posts with our products listed.
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Until next time with my announcement

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