May 18, 2013

Cloche Passion

 My passion for cloche's continue I think thou I have enough now. I have used for the main piece of my design is Billboard Window I however have altered it just a little to accommodate my love of dimension, I think thats why chipboard is so fantastic.

I have placed a gelatin sheet over the image to make it look like a window and a little bit of glitter as it is a shaker as well

 On the back is a removable little booklet held on with ribbon

 without the booklet

do you like the colours
well this is a preview of whats coming at Meg's garden very soon

  And for something completely different a male inspired card
 inside the card.
and a preview of another new collection coming soon to Meg's Garden

May 4, 2013

Next step

Back again to share some more of my cloche, 

look at my desk behind the top piece lovely and tidy (not)