June 21, 2014

CSI 128

I cant believe how time has flown by this year, is it because I am getting older or because we live and strive to achieve so much in a small amount of time. One of my favourite quotes was " you make time" now I am finding my self saying "I couldn't find time," or is it just I am slowing down  with age and cant achieve so much in one day.
I looked at the calender this morning, and realized we are coming up to the winter solstice which is actually tomorrow to be exact this year, I always like to know when it falls because I can then look forward to the days gradually getting longer, the funny thing is, I never look for the summer solstice only the winter.
I have been busy thou, some may think other wise but soon all will be revealed and I am looking forward to being able to share what I have been staying up to the wee hours in the morning working on. that too could mean my graphic design assignments.

Today however I have a page to share  which I have solved  for CSI Case file  128 as Meg's Garden are sponsors this month over at CSI
I will admit that the crime scene was a little difficult to solve at first, one element put me off completely and then all of a sudden it was all very clear how to put the pieces together and I was able to solve the case and got straight to it, rather quickly.

so here is my answer to file 128

to help me solve CSI I used this evidence
 numbers, door/window, flowers, chalkboard elements, distressing,  ribbon/bows, frame, punches, chalk/pastels.
and stamps from  B-Line



now off to solve another case up in my craft room but I fear this crime scene will never be solved

June 20, 2014

Cherished treasures

Just a quick share using the Correspondence Collection from Meg's garden and chipboard from Imaginarium.
 I have sprayed my chipboard with a flat white paint. I have set up  a little spray station outside from an old box which I have cut out a side so I can safely and conveniently spray my Chipboard in.
I have torn and distressed my papers as I find it welcomes that technique.

 I have used some pigment ink on the words

some exciting new papers coming soon stay tuned

chipboard I have designed for