December 19, 2010

A Gift

Yeah almost there with my gifts. This is for the Challenge at Magnolia Down Under 77.
My Son's girlfriend will be receiving this little bag on Christmas day.

If I don't post any thing in the mean time I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year
and thank you for dropping by and visiting looking forward to next years crafty fun

December 16, 2010

A laugh

Just had to share this as I was looking for a verse for a special friend to put in her card I stumbled upon this ohhhh it makes us sound crazy but it all is true

She learned to stamp on Monday
her embossing was quite fine.
She forgot to set out dinner....
so away out we went to dine.
She brayered backgrounds Tuesday
she says they are a must....
they really are quite lovely
but there was no time to dust.
On Wednesday it was birthday cards
she claims that chalking's fun
shading, blending and water-colouring
but the laundry wasn't done.
Her card swap was on Thursday
she had to use green, blue and red,
it was obvious she was really engrossed
when she failed to make the bed.
It was Shaker cards on Friday
using techniques that she just adores,
what a pity she then failed to notice
the crumbs dropped all over the floors.
I found a maid on Saturday!
My week is now complete
my wife can stamp her hours away
and the house will still be neat.
Well, already it is Sunday
and my forehead's feeling damp
cos I've cursed, and raved and ranted
for the Maid has learned to stamp!!
Submitted by Jane
 Here is a link to the site its a chuckle with some nice verses as well verses for cards

No Cards

Whilst I should of been making cards I was naughty and got very side tracked some times when you see something you say I got to give that a go and I did the next day I raced out to get supplies.
Now before I go on I want to acknowledge where this came from and you must go and check it out for these girls amaze me Janiel is always creating something knew and from Janiel's blog the link to check out is  Melissa's blog, how wide the blog world is you know you only skimming the surface of it all.
Because I saw Janiel's I just had to do Thanks Janiel for the inspiration.

 before dome got attached
 Tilda's dress is coloured with my new earth tone Copic's had to add a hint of red not much thou
and the tree is made with EK's leaf punch

My children who are young adults said what are you doing and they are very used to me doing some crazy things when I told them I was going to make a big snow dome they asked if I was going to put water in there, they were serious don't think Tilda will survive I told them .....LOL
I have kept some pictures back for Sundays post drop by, for have some more to share as my dome is sitting with Sundays challenge for Magnolia Down Under
The fun is not just in the creating I have fun in the photography side of it as well, have a lot to learn about my camera

My Wish

I wish that every year, one week before Christmas I would not feel this way EXHAUSTED. Constantly pushing ourselves to get this and that down, is it more mentally or physical, for only  one day.
No not for one day for one month as soon it hits December it becomes frantic, for one month its time to tell all those who are something special to us, that we care and thank you for being a part of our lives. 
Then its time to reflect on those who are no longer with us in which ever way, those who we miss and the friendships that we have let slide through our fingers because of our busy lives.
I have noticed that Christmas cards are fewer this year may be, as sometimes our modern technology that I marvel in has changed things, many a Christmas message will be sent electronically. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, but it is a stress less message of goodwill and cheer and still out there that we do care. 
On Christmas day as we all celebrate old and new tradition  the message is still the same.
I was worried that I was becoming Baaa Humbug, no its more like give me calm as I race to Christmas Day.
My tags
Were a gift to those special friends who come to class regularly for they have become a part of my life 
my way of saying thank you, something different instead of a card 

December 5, 2010

Finish what you Started

Magnolia Down Under Challenge 75
this was a challenge and I know I say that a lot I had big ideas with this one was going to sew all the squares but the sewing machine had other ideas, lesson was learnt as well don't put double sided tape where the needle is going to penetrate through, lots of broken thread and a broken needle and I was lucky to get as much stitching done as I did. For thous, who sew your cards regularly who probably think I am an idiot yeah me too, from that point on I really lost interest in the poor card.
But finish what you started ! 
and I got there in the end and the result I am happy with
just don't look too closely  LOL 

 with its friends

December 2, 2010

Burnt out feeling

should be making some cards but feeling a little burnt out so I thought would do one more post today

more cards using paper doily lace

Some cards

  Doing some projects using Doilies on Cards
Just a quick post have spent too long on the Computer this morning time to get up  from the couch and do some house work ohhhh how I would love to be lazy on my day off but lots to do and some more Christmas cards to make  thought I had a lot more than what I have

and some Tilda