January 30, 2017

Large Dome

hello again 
just dropping on by to show you my large 
Domes I have made  the first one with my Enchanted Tea Party collection.
Yes there is a lot of fussy cutting, I sit on the couch at night time and cut I actually find it relaxing especially when too tied for anything else. 
I believe I could still add to my project I have some trinkets waiting but just need the rings to hook them on to the trees
and maybe I could add a few more flowers

I felt The Enchanted Tea Party lent itself to such a project and was completely enjoyable to create.
 Yesterday I completely forgotten about this little beauty it was hidden behind something
so I have just shared it in this way
click  and it will take you to a post little dome 
now for my first large dome all the chipboard is Imaginarium as this whole base was specially designed for the dome measurements

well I believe this is enough domes for me for a while maybe,  I actually have one without anything in it so, I might have to make something a bit later on with another collection
until then
thank for visiting

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