June 1, 2012

My Quilt

I have been busy trying to get ahead my aim is to finish some projects that I have started, so far I have done very well and am feeling a little positive, as my quilt was started at least three years ago.
next on my list was to paint my bathroom yeah and that is finally done, my next job is to paint the rumpus room not sure when I will get to that soon I hope.
so here is some pics of my quilt don't look to close as I'm not what I call a Quilter but I'm fairly pleased with the end result the center was embroidered on my embroidery machine hours and hours of watching a needle go up and down.I spent a lot of years embroidering in some way until I found my paper craft, and designing.

  a few threads need to be cut
I also have something else to share, last Friday night I went up to the study to cut from my doily die, on my big kick, which is basically is a big shot. We heard a big bang and I knew straight away I had done some damage to my machine.
 Saturday my husband and I pulled it apart and found that I had cracked the metal near the handle, so to keep me going until I get a replacement we Steampunked as we called it, the fact that it looked funny was what kept my spirits up.

the blue thing is a G clamp has done the job, I actually like the look of it without its casing.


  1. Wonderful quilt Denise, love the flowers so much detail. YOu should enter it in the Royal adelaide show quilt section. The last quilt I made was 9 years ago, when I was pregnant with my DD , seems I don't have enough time to do them any more, any way , my scrapbooking & papercraft is my passion now. Have a good weekend :)

  2. My goodness Denise, this quilt is really really so beautiful!! I have never ever made a quilt, am so impressed! the colours are wonderful, I absolutely adore the floral pattern! xoxo

  3. My word Denise this is just gorgeous and so mush fab detail and wonderful covers it really is a real family keepsake!! Chanelle xxx

  4. Hi Denise, I just read about your bigshot and your hubby sounds like a very handy man to have around for times like these, my hubby is a handy man too and I don't know what I'd do without him.

  5. BTW I'm your latest follower and I'll look forward to seeing your latest crafts.