April 24, 2017

Cant Help myself

I have to learn to look away now when I see glass domes, I think I have reached my limit, just maybe.
What can I say about my dome, that's its made from the Enchanted Tea Party and Vintage Rose.
Every thing is made from scratch the base from very thick card board. my hat took me one afternoon to get the size right when I created it lots of card stock went in the bin that day.
my drink me bottle was a very old bar fridge bottle from my husbands collection the label had fallen off so was perfect

The clock embellishments I had collected over the years and were perfect for this display
I will admit making my cups I found a little difficult, because I had trouble with keeping them round 

But over all I am pleased with my little dome creation it is a perfect representation of what Enchanted Tea Party is all about 
If you would like to know where to find my collections click the link or the pictures on my side bar and that will take you to where you want to go 
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