September 20, 2010

My weekend

Wow what a weekend
Last night I had good intentions of uploading my cards that I had on display,but I walked in the door and sank into the couch and that's were I stayed until I went to bed I was exhausted, but what a good day it was.
I had worked hard to get my display up as I really wanted to show case the Copics as well as I could would like to think we had a good response, and yes I think I have surely embraced the Copics.
We had a lovely day talking to everyone who dropped by and catching up with other stall holders the fun continues on even after the doors to the hall shut you have such a sense of being part of a huge family as you are packing up and laughing no matter how tired you may feel it is all so worth it.
My Cards

The above are from my Christmas Collection

stamped on Vellum and used my Copics to colour

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  1. many beautiful cards!!!
    Hugs Anne Kristine