May 16, 2010

Have been very busy creating projects using Designs Galore "Antoinette Collection" papers, also as you can see I have been working on a new blog this is to symbolize a slight change was looking for something fresh offering me some different choices.
sometimes it can be difficult  to keep up with the latest trends, products and techniques, so you sometimes ignore things which I did with digital scrap booking, but recently I started playing with that concept as well and want to eventually be able to combine both .
So for those who thought I may no longer be posting on my blog lack of time and busy creating has cause the big gap in my regular posts
So here is some of my projects that I have worked on, some will be classes at Charlotte's in the next newsletter.

Drop on buy to Megs Garden an have a look if you love these papers  she can help you out

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  1. lisa evansJune 01, 2010

    Finally YAHHHHHHHHH I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU woohoo xxxx