April 19, 2013


Have been looking forward to sharing this project, but first I must tell the story behind it.
One day earlier in the year, I walked into the shop Seriously Scrapbooking, whilst Jane was teaching a class. previous she had told me about an idea she had about a project to be covered by a cloche which she had sitting on the table, I took one look at the cloche and wanted one. After seeing her idea come to life in the class I begged her for the base, so I could create my own version using the papers from Meg's garden.
All though mine looks different because of the papers, it is still the concept of Jane's and I have enjoyed using her base and the Imaginarium chipboard through out.
Here is a link to Jane's class a Victorian Dome here 
as she is still teaching classes on it I have decided to share mine as a project in progress so about once a month I will share the progression of my cloche the pleasurable thing is, I keep adding to it so mine is not quiet finished yet either.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Denise, just stunning..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. This is so beautiful! I love the papers!